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Patent Law
Author: P. Narayanan
Edition: 4th
Year of publication: Revised 2017, Reprint 2018
No. of pages: 1102
ISBN: 9788171773404
Format: Hardcover
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An authentic book by an outstanding author, updated with all topical issues on patent law in a globalised world including trade secrets, patenting of biotechnological products, DNA sequences, plants and animals, computer related inventions, methods of business, rights of publicity of celebrities, presentations of information and the like. The Patents Rules 2003 have been amended by the Patent (Amendment) Rules 2014 and subsequently by the Patents (Amendment) Rules 2016. Effects of those amendments have been reflected in the appropriate places of the book.

• Patent protection in general 
• Trade secret
• Rights of publicity of celebrities
• Computer related inventions
• Plants and animals 
• Patenting biotechnological products
• DNA sequences

• Introduction
• Patentable Inventions
• How to Obtain a Patent
• Patents of Addition
• Specification
• Amendment of Applications and Specifications
• Opposition to Grant of Patent and Patent Granted
• Grounds of Opposition
• Register of Patents
• Patent Office, Powers of Controller & Central Government and Appeals
• Rights and Obligations of a Patentee
• Transfer of Patent Rights
• Use of Inventions for Purposes of Government and Acquisition of Invention by Central Government
• Working of Patents
• Revocation and Surrender of Patents
• Grounds of Revocation of a Patent
• Infringement of Patents
• Action for Infringement
• Threat of Infringement Proceedings
• Miscellaneous Matters
• Patenting of Certain Special Categories
• Trade Secrets
• Right of Publicity

P. Narayanan

MA, LLB, Advocate

Judges, Advocates and Persons engaged in Legal Field

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