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Mitra's Co-ownership and Partition
Author: H.K. Saharay,  Purnendu Bhattacharyya
Edition: 9th
Year of publication: 2016
No. of pages: 756
ISBN: 9788171773114
Format: Hardcover
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Thoroughly revised and updated edition of this utility oriented work provides a comparitive study on joint family, joint tenancy and tenancy-in-common. The issues like doctrine of blending, alienation of coparcenary property, right of minor and posthumous son, rights and obligations of coparcenars, female heir's right to claim partition of dewelling house recieve erudite treatment. The book aims to make an in-depth study on the controversial subjects like partible and impartible property, alienation of joint property without legal necessity, sale instead of partition, transfer of shebaiti right, etc.

• Registration of deed of partition
• Debuttear property whether impartible
• Partible and impartible property
• Compromise of partition suit
• Procedure as to sale instead of partition


1. Co-ownership
2. Mitakshara Coparcenary
3. Dayabhaga Coparcenary
4. Mutual Relations
5. Co-owners and other persons
6. Partition
7. Partible and Impartible Property
8. Oral Partition
9. Partition by Deed
10. Partition by Suit
11. Final Decree for Partition
12. Sale instead of Partition
13. Effects of Partition

H.K. Saharay

MA (Triple), MCom, LLB, PhD (London), Barrister

Purnendu Bhattacharyya

MA, LLM, Former District & Sessions Judge and Director, West Bengal Judicial Academy

Judges, Advocates and persons engaged in legal field.

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