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Mogha's Indian Conveyancer
Author: G.C. Mogha
Edition: 15th
Year of publication: 2022
No. of pages: 1054
ISBN: 9788171773060
Format: Hardcover
Availability: In Stock
Price: 1150.00
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Edited by the erudite scholar M.C. Agarwal, Former Judge, High Court at Allahabad and G.C. Mogha, Former District and Sessions Judge, now appears in its Fourteenth Edition, revised and updated with new and amended statutes with corresponding precedents and recent decisions of the Supreme Court and of the different High Courts. Franchise agreements, developers’ agreements and agreements by purchasers of property on Power of Attorney are some of the new topics added to the rules of construction of Deeds, removing the obsolete and the superfluous and yet refurbishing the preliminary notes and precedents with such changes as are found relevant and consistent with the changed scenario of our economic and social life.

• Introduction
• General Forms
• Acknowledgement
• Adoption
• Agreements
• Apprenticeship
• Arbitration
• Assignment of Actionable Claims and of Decrees, etc
• Attorney, Power of
• Bond
• Compromise, Composition and Family Settlement
• Declaration
• Easements
• Exchange
• Foreign Collaboration
• Franchise
• Gift
• Guarantee
• Hire and Hire Purchase
• Indemnity
• Lease
• Licence
• Mortgage, Charge, Hypothecation and Pledge
• Negotiable Instruments
• Notice
• Partition
• Partnership
• Patents
• Receipts
• Rectification and Modifications of Deeds
• Release, Relinquishment, Disclaimer
• Rescission of Contract
• Sale
• Sale of Goods
• Separation Deed
• Service Contracts
• Trusts including Settlements, Endowments and Waqfs
• Wills

G.C. Mogha

Former District & Sessions Judge

Judges, Advocates and Faculties

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