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Justice P.B Mukharji on The New Jurisprudence
Justice P.B Mukharji on The New Jurisprudence
The Grammar of Modern Law - Tagore Law Lectures
Author: General Editor: Dr. N.L. Mitra,  Chief Contributor: Justice Amitava Lala,  Co-Contributors: Purnendu Bhattacharyya, Ranadhir Kumar De & K.D. Raju
Edition: 2nd
Year of publication: 2016
No. of pages: 610
ISBN: 9788171773022
Format: Hardcover
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 ‘Jurisprudence’ meant originally the study of the first principles of the natural law, the civil law and the law of nations. In the more modern view it includes study of the general or fundamental elements of a particular legal system, as opposed to its practical and concrete details. It addresses the questions about law that an intelligent layperson of speculative bent, not necessarily a lawyer, might think particularly interesting. What is law? Where does law come from? What is the purpose of law?
                                                                                           Spectrum of the work

By the passage of time society changes rapidly. Many laws get promulgated, repelled or amended. Due to globalisation, the rapid development in science, technology and commerce is taking place. Reflecting all these, the second edition of the work The New Jurisprudence by the erudite author Justice P.B. Mukharji is now appearing. Spectrum of the work is wide. It discusses different schools of jurisprudence and covers the Legislative Jurisprudence, Constitutional Jurisprudence, Common Law Jurisprudence, Equity Jurisprudence, Company Jurisprudence, Taxation Jurisprudence, Industrial Jurisprudence, Administrative Jurisprudence, International Jurisprudence, Matrimonial Jurisprudence, Economic Jurisprudence and Jurisprudence of Intellectual Property Rights.

                                                                                             Inclusion of new topics
This edition makes critical analysis and updation of the different topics dealt with in the earlier edition. Other than those, the issues which came to the fore recently,  such as geographical indications, integrated circuit and layout designs, goodwill, trade secrets, protection of plant varieties, same-sex marriage, sexual relation outside the wedlock, single parent, surrogate mother, special economic zone, offshore banking are also taken into account.

• Traditional juristic concepts
• Right to self-determination
• Problems of corporate democracy
• Development of constitutionalism
• Transgender whether third gender
• Juristic evaluation of ultra vires

1. New Jurisprudence
2. The Schools of Jurisprudence- A critique and review
3. Law and its Definitions
4. The Thesis
5. Legislative Jurisprudence
6. Constitutional Jurisprudence
7. Common Law Jurisprudence
8. Equity Jurisprudence
9. Company Jurisprudence
10. The Jurisprudence of Taxation
11. Industrial Jurisprudence
12. Administrative Jurisprudence
13. International Jurisprudence
14. Matrimonial Jurisprudence
15. Economic Jurisprudence
16. Jurisprudence of Intellectual Property Rights
17. Justice, in Theory and Practice

General Editor: Dr. N.L. Mitra

Chief Contributor: Justice Amitava Lala

Co-Contributors: Purnendu Bhattacharyya, Ranadhir Kumar De & K.D. Raju

Judges, Advocates and persons engaged in legal field

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