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Penumbra of Natural Justice
Penumbra of Natural Justice
Author: Tapash Gan Choudhury
Edition: 3rd
Year of publication: 2016
No. of pages: 656
ISBN: 9788171773077
Format: Hardcover
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An outstanding work designed to cover all the topics systematically beginning from Fundamentals of Natural Justice and their Applications and ending with Judge's Code of Ethics. Some of the topics that are dealt with through the lens of judicial pronouncements in our country and also abroad are Audi Alterem Partem, Notice, Fair Hearing, Bias, Recording of Reasons etc. Almost all the sensative issues on the subject are discussed at length. Virtually it is a true successor to its earlier one.

• Audi alterem partem
• Review of administrative acts
• Delegatus non-potest delegare
• Recording of reasons
• Exercise of discretionary power

1. Fundamentals of natural justice and their application
2. Audi alterem partem
3. Notice
4. Fair hearing
5. Bias
6. Discretionary power
7. Recording of reasons
8. Judicial review of administrative action
9. Judges' code of ethics

Tapash Gan Choudhury


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