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  Valuation of Real Property
Valuation of Real Property
Principles & Practice
Author: Syamales Datta
Edition: 2nd
Year of publication: 2004
No. of pages: 614
ISBN: 8171771661
Format: Hardcover
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Price: 585.00

A book as an essential guide for all those interested in valuation of real property and practising valuers in particular. Deals with all technical issues in property appraisal. Relevant case-laws as well as typical problems and solutions under different fiscal laws provided.

Property market scenario 
Property rights down the ages 
Cost approach 
Income approach 
Market approach 
Discounted cash flow techniques 
Statutory framework 
Company asset valuation 
Environmental resources 
Arbitration & alternative fora 
International norms and standards 
Report writing

• Introduction to Property Market and Property Value
• Rights and Interests in Real Property
• Methods of Valuation
• Investment  Method of Valuation
• Mathematical Principles of Valuation Tables 
• General Principles of Valuation under Investment Method
• Virtual Rent and Premium
• Cost Approach to Valuation
• Valuation of Residential Property
• Valuation of Commercial Property
• Valuation of Industrial Property
• Valuation of Development Property
• Project Appraisal Techniques 
• Compulsory Acquisition
• Valuation under Wealth Tax Act 1957
• Capital Gains
• Valuation of Mortgage, Fire Insurance, Going Concern & Goodwill
• Valuation for Rating or Property Tax by Municipal Authorities
• Outlines of Company Assets Valuation
• Arbitration, Valuation and Property Disputes
• Valuation of Environmental Assets
• Terms and Definitions
• A Few Typical Problems
• Report Writing
• Appendix


Syamales Datta

BSc (Hons), MRICS (London), FIS, Chartered Valuation Surveyor, Visiting Lecturer, B.E. College, Howrah

Judges, Lawyers and Valuers

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