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Law of Acquisition of Land in India
Law of Acquisition of Land in India
Including Requisition & Acquisition of Immovable Property
Author: P.K Sarkar
Edition: 3rd
Year of publication: 2012
No. of pages: 1720
ISBN: 9788171772568
Format: Hardcover
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A renowned work relating to acquisition of land caters to all the queries on the subject like, investigation, objections, declaration of intended acquisition, notice to interested persons, taking possession, reference to court, apportionment of compensation, payment of compensation, temporary occupation of land, acquisition of land for companies, procedure of acquisition, public purpose, requisition, solatium, speedy acquisition and so on. Discussion aided by updated case-laws meticulously meet the urgent need of practitioners, judges and the persons interested in the subject.

• Controversy on public purpose
• Fixation of compensation
• Apportionment of solatium
• Procedure for acquisition
• Disputes as to apportionment

• Enquiry for Award
• Determination of market value

• Introduction
• Repealed
• Difinitions
• Publication of preliminary notification and powers of officers thereupon
• Payment of damage
• Hearing of objections
• Declaration that land is required for a public purpose
• After declaration, collector to take order for acquisition
• Land to be marked out, measured and planned
• Notice to persons interested
• Power to require and enforce the making of statements as to names     and interests
• Enquiry and award by collector 
• Period within which an award shall be made 
• Award of Collector when to be final 
• Adjournment of enquiry
• Correction of clerical errors, etc. 
• Power to summonand enforce attendance of witnesses and production   of documents
• Matters to be considered and neglected
• Power to call for records, etc.
• Power to take possession
• Special powers in cases of urgency
• Reference to Court 
• Collector's statement to the Court
• Service of notice
• Restriction on scope of proceedings
• Proceedings to be in open court
• Matters to be considered in determining compensation
• Matters to be neglected in determining compensation
• Amount of compensation awarded by court not to be lower than the       amount awarded by the collector  
• Form of awards
• Costs
• Collector may be directed to pay interest on excess compensation
• Redetermination of the amount of compensation on the basis of the       award of the court
• Particulars of apportionment to be specified
• Dispute as to apportionment 
• Payment of compensation or deposit of same in court 
• Investment of money deposited in respect of lands belonging to             persons incompetent to alienate
• Investment of money deposited in other cases
• Payment of interest
• Temporary occupation of waste or arable land, procedure when              difference as to compensation exists
• Power to enter and take possession, and compensation on restoration
• Difference as to condition of land 
• Omitted
• Industrial concern to be deemed company for certain purposes
• Previous consent of appropriate Government and execution of               agreement necessary
• Previous enquiry
• Agreement with appropriate Government
• Publication of agreement
• Sections 39 to 42 not to apply where Government bound by agreement   to provide land for Companies
• How agreement with Railway Company may be proved
• Restriction on transfer, etc.
• Land not to be acquired under this Part except for certain purpose for     private companies other than government companies
• Service of notices
• Penalty for obstructing acquisition of land
• Magistrate to enforce surrender
• Completion of acquisition not compulsory, but compensation to be         awarded when not completed   
• Acquisition of part of house or building
• Acquisition of land at cost of a local authority or company
• Exemption from stamp duty and fees
• Acceptance of certified copy as evidence 
• Notice in case of suits for anything done in pursuance of Act
• Code of Civil Procedure to apply to proceedings before Court
• Appeals in proceedings before Court
• Power to make rules
• Appendix  

P.K Sarkar

BSc, LLB, Advocate

Judges and Lawyers

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