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Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property Law
Author: P. Narayanan
Edition: 3rd Edition (Revised with Updated and Amended Statutes)
Year of publication: 2018 R/P 2020
No. of pages: 680
ISBN: 9788171773510
Format: Paperback
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The present work is an authoritative commentary on the entire gamut of this multifaceted law and it highlights not only all the salient features of the new legislations but also the essential and useful information about all branches of IPR law. Those who are interested in intellectual property rights need have a basic knowledge of IPR laws and their impact on man's daily life and work and this illuminating guide meets that need.

Guide to
• Patents
• Industrial Designs
• Trade Marks
• Copyrights
• Confidential Information 
• Know-how
• Industrial & Trade Secrets
• Geographical Indications of Goods
• Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights
• Information Technology
• Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design

Part 1 - Patents
• Introduction
• How to Obtain a Patent
• Product Patents in Respect of Medicine and Drug
• Specification
• Opposition Proceedings to Grant of Patents
• Register of Patents and Patent Office
• Rights and Obligations of a Patentee
• Transfer of Patent Rights
• Compulsory Licences, Licences of Right & Revocation for Non-working
• Government use of Inventions
• Revocation and Surrender of Patents
• Infringement of Patents
• Threat of Infringement Proceedings
• Offences and Penalties and Miscellaneous Matters
• The Patents (Amendment) Act 2005

Part 2 - Industrial Designs
• Industrial Designs

Part 3 - Trade Marks
• Introduction
• Trade Marks Registry and Register of Trade Marks
• Property in a Trade Mark and Registration of Trade Marks
• Similar, Near Resemblance and Deceptively Similar
• Assignment and Transmission
• Licensing of Trade MArks and Registered Users
• Rectification of Register
• Infringement, Threat and Trade Libel
• Goodwill
• Passing Off
• Offences and Penalties
• Miscellaneous Matters

Part 4 - Copyright
• Introduction
• Nature of Copyright
• Subject-matter of Copyright
• Term of Copyright
• Author and Ownership of Copyright
• Rights conferred by Copyright
• Rights of Broadcasting Organisations and of Performers
• Assignment, Transmission and Relinquishment of Copyright
• Licences 
• Publication and Public
• Infringement of Copyright
• Remedies against Infringement of Copyright
• International Copyright
• Copyright Societies
• Copyright Office, Copyright Board, Registration of Copyright & Appeals

Part 5 - Confidential Information
• Confidential Information, Breach of Confidence & Know-how
• New Acts relating to Intellectual Property

P. Narayanan

MA, LLB, Advocate

Students and Faculties

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