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S.C. Ghosh on Principles & Forms of Pleading
S.C. Ghosh on Principles & Forms of Pleading
Author: C.R Dutta,  H.K. Saharay
Edition: 5th
Year of publication: 2011
No. of pages: 1676
ISBN: 9788171772360
Format: Hardcover
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The instant edition of this classic work as the true successor of its past discusses exhaustively all the topics relating to pleadings, such as, history of pleadings in India during the Hindu period and Mahommedan period, the Laws of England on pertinent issues, principles of pleading, forms of petitions as well as pleadings. To maintain its traditional standard and reputation an in-depth study has also been made on general rules of pleadings, amendment of pleadings, verification of pleadings, striking of pleadings, affidavits, appeals and so on. Near about 1000 model applications and forms of pleadings make the work an useful tool to a civil court practitioner.

• Consequences of non-joinder of parties
• How to plead adverse possession
• Contributory negligence
• Formalities of hypothecation
• Alternative cause of action

Part 1 - History of Pleadings
1. Pleadings during the Hindu Period
2. Pleadings during the Mahommedan Period
3. Pleadings during the British Indian Period up to 1908
4. System of Pleading in England
5. System of Pleading in India

Part 2 - Principles of Pleading
6. Parties - Definition, Selection and Classification of
7. Parties - Joinder, Misjoinder and Non-joinder of
8. Parties - Addition, Striking out, Substitution and Transposition of
9. Classes of Persons
10. Causes of Action
11. Jurisdiction
12. General Rules of Pleading
13. Plaint, Formal Parts and Contents of
14. Presentation of Plaint
15. Rejection of Plaint
16. Diffence or Written Statement of the  Defendant
17. Special Defences
18. Set off and Counter-claim
19. Third Part Procedure
20. Particulars
21. Interrogatories
22. Amendment of Pleadings
23. Verification of Pleadings
24. Striking of Pleadings
25. Appeals
26. Affidavits
27. Arbitration

Part 3 - Forms of Petitions and Applications

Part 4 - Forms of Pleadings


C.R Dutta

MA (Com), LLB (Cal), ATII (England), DIA (London), Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn

H.K. Saharay

MA (Triple), MCom, LLB, PhD (London), Barrister

Judges, Advocates and Persons engaged in Legal field

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