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Writs Law & Practice
Writs Law & Practice
Author: M.R. Mallick
Edition: 2nd
Year of publication: 2009
No. of pages: 1138
ISBN: 9788171772216
Format: Hardcover
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This outstanding treatise in 28 chapters delves an in-depth study on the law of Writs. The edition thoroughly revised and enlarged incorporates almost all the important decisions of the Supreme Court and different High Courts of India to acquaint the readers with the latest development on the subject. The principles on which PIL are to be entertained have been made transparent. Burning issues of the day like right to live in a pollution free atmosphere, right to get electricity, compensation for custodial death, Supreme Court's direction on arrest, detention and handcuffing etc. are particular aspects of discussion of this edition.


  • Capitation cases - direction in
  • Death of Writ petitioner - effect of
  • Custodial death - compensation for
  • Estoppel - when arises
  • Equal pay for equal work

1. Law of Writs - Historical Analysis
2. Writ Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court - General Principles
3. Petition under Article 32 - When cannot be Entertained
4. Writ Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court - Practice and Procedure
5. Writ under Article 32 - Who may File and against Whom
6. Orders and Directions of the Supreme Court - New Dimensions
7. Compensation - A Public Law Remedy
8. Writ Jurisdiction of High Court - General Principles
9. Territorial Jurisdiction
10. Alternative Remedy - When Bars
11.Delay, Laches and Acquescence - When Disentitles a Writ
12. Who can File Writ in High Court - Principle of Locus Standi
13. Against Whom Writ Lies
14. Writ under Article 226 - Practice and Procedure
15. Directions and Orders Passed by the High Court
16. Interference by Supreme Court in Writ Matters
17. Habeas Corpus
18. Mandamus
19. Certiorari
20. Prohibition
21. Quo Warranto
22. Fundamental Rights
23. Natural Justice
24. Mala Fide
25. Legitimate Expectation
26. Promissory Estoppel
27. Public Interest Litigation
28. Judicial Review

M.R. Mallick

MA, LLB, Former Judge, Calcutta High Court

Judges, Advocates and Faculties

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