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Law of Evidence
Law of Evidence
Author: H.K. Saharay,  M.S. Saharay
Edition: 1st
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 1087
ISBN: 9788171772070
Format: Hardcover
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A comprehensive and updated sectionwise commentary incorporates all the latest amendments and focusses on almost all the problems and their probable solutions on the subject. It traces the track the Indian judiciary has followed, approved and applied while departing from the principles laid down by the courts of foreign countries. Designed to keep the legal professionals and others in the field abreast of the latest development of the law, the work is sure to evoke appreciation from those who seek justice through evidence.

• Abatement of suicide of married woman
• Blood test as proof of paternity
• Value of child witness
• Admissibility of confession
• Accuracy of ossification test
• Delay in lodging FIR

• Law of Evidence
• The Indian Evidence Act 1872

Part 1 - Relevancy of Facts

 Ch - 1 - Preliminary
 Ch - 2 - Of the Relevancy of Facts
Part 2 - On Proof

 Ch - 3 - Facts which Need not be Proved
 Ch - 4 - Of Oral Evidence
 Ch - 5 - Of Documentary Evidence
 Ch - 6 - Of the Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence
Part 3 - Production and Effect of Evidence
Ch - 7 - Of the Burden of Proof
Ch - 8 - Estoppel
Ch - 9 - Of Witnesses
Ch - 10 - Of the Examination of Witnesses
Ch - 11 - Of Improper Admission and Rejection of Evidence

H.K. Saharay

MA (Triple), MCom, LLB, PhD (London), Barrister

M.S. Saharay

BSc, (Hons), LLM, Advocate

Judges, Advocates and Faculties

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