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Law of Contract
Law of Contract
Author: S.S. Ujjannavar
Edition: 2nd
Year of publication: 2009
No. of pages: 478
ISBN: 9788171772186
Format: Paperback
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Dividing the whole gamut of the law of contract into 21 chapters the Author has dealt with the subject with exhaustive illustrations and up to date decision of the Supreme Court, the different High Courts and the English decisions where necessary. The instant work presents critical analysis of different aspects of the law including the doctrine of consideration, the effect of fraudulent representation, the concept of mistake, public policy, promissory estoppel, frustration, illegal and unenforceable contracts, discharge of contract by performance, by breach, by impossibility and by agreement, remedies related thereto besides contingent and quasi-contracts, devolution of joint liabilities and so on.

• Reciprocal promises — performance of 
• Undue influence — fiduciary relations
• Contract with minor — validity of 
• Breach of contract — arises when
• Liquidated damages — penalty for

1. Introduction
2. Formation of Contract
3. Acceptance
4. Communication of Proposal, Acceptance and Revocation
5. Contracts with the Government
6. Agreement
7. Consent
8. Mistake
9. Consideration
10. Lawful Consideration and Lawful Object
11. Public Policy
12. Agreements Specially Declared Void
13. Discharge by Performance
14. Discharge by Agreement
15. Discharge by Impossibility
16. Discharge  Breach
17. Rules as to Appropriation of Payment
18. Rules Relating to Joint Rights and Joint Liabilities
19. Contingent Contract
20. Quasi-Contract
21. The Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel


S.S. Ujjannavar

Advocate, Former Principal of G.K. Law College, Hubli

Students and Faculties

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