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Fundamental Rights
Fundamental Rights
A Study of Their Interrelationship
Author: P. Ishwara Bhat
Edition: 1st
Year of publication: 2004
No. of pages: 742
ISBN: 8171771580
Format: Hardcover
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This book, by an erudite scholar, makes a high-profile study of the interrelationship of Fundamental Rights in our Constitution indicating the parallel streams and cross-currents of those Rights and how they enrich others besides the jurisprudential and constitutional foundation of such interrelationship and showing how it fulfils India’s commitment to social and economic justice, multiculturalism and democracy. A very interesting and distinguished contribution to our constitutional literature invaluable to judges, lawyers and laymen and research scholars too.

• Fundamental rights and their relationship inter-se 
• Right to dignified life and personal liberty
• Parallel streams and cross-currents of fundamental rights enriching each other 
• Fundamental rights and duties

• Introduction
• Conceptual Analysis of Interdependence, Balancing and Priorities among   Fundamental rights
• Historical Experiences about Interaction of Human Rights Values in India
• Procedural Due Process and the Interactions–Towards the Matrix of           Fairness
• Substantive Due Process, Reasonableness and the Interrelationship
• Right to Equality and the Interrelationship
• Right to Constitutional Remedy–Interactions for Better Enforcement
• Positive Dimensions of Right to Life, Aspects of Personal Liberty and   the Interrelationship
• Right against Exploitation and the Interrelationship for Empowerment
• Freedom under Article 19–Interactions for Good Citizenship
• Freedom of Religion–Interactions for a Secular Order
• Cultural, Educational and Minority Rights–Towards Multiculturalism
• Right to Property and the Interrelationship of Fundamental Rights–
  Towards Economic Justice
• Interrelationship of Fundamental Rights and other Parts of the
• International Human Rights Discourse and the Interrelationship
• Does Part III require Amendments? A Review Discourse and the
• Conclusions
• Appendix Judges, 

P. Ishwara Bhat

MA, LLM, PhD, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Mysore

Judges, Lawyers and Students

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