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Law of Special Economic Zone
Law of Special Economic Zone
National & International Perspective
Author: Pranay Chaturvedi,  Ankur Dalal
Edition: 1st with Supplement
Year of publication: 2009
No. of pages: 974
ISBN: 9788171772162
Format: Hardcover
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The work presents an indepth study of the SEZ Act and the SEZ Rules along with all the important circulars and notifications relating to the subject. Issues like applicability of Part III of the Constitution on the ‘SEZ Developer’, Positions of India and US on the concept of ‘eminent domain’ and ‘public purpose’ requirement, National and International Rehabilitation policies; WTO compatibility of SEZ; Laws regarding Offshore Banking Units and Chinese experience with SEZ have been widely covered. Beside these, indispensable aspects of Environmental Law, Company Law, Labour Law, FEMA and Export Promotion Schemes have been elaborately dealt with. Perhaps it is the only source of all the essential information relating to SEZ in India.

• Analysis of SEZ Act and Rules
• Land Acquisition for Companies
• Offshore Banking
• Promotion Schemes
• Rehabilitation & Resettlement 
• Aspects of Labour Law, Environmental Law, FEMA, etc.

• Important Definitions
• Functionaries under the SEZ Act
• Establishment of SEZ
• Demarcation of Land in SEZ
• Setting up of Unit in SEZ
• Bond cum Legal Undertaking 
• Procurement or Import of Goods by SEZ Developer or Unit
• Exports from SEZ
• Removal of Goods from SEZ to DTA
• Net Positive Foreign Exchange Requirement
• Income Tax Benefits 
• Indirect Tax Exemptions
• Justice Delivery System in SEZ
• Modification of the Provisions of this Act or relating to SEZ
• Miscellaneous 
• Is SEZ Developer 'State' under Article 127
• Public Purpose Requirement in USA
• Public Purpose–Constitutional Perspective 
• Land Acquisition Act 1894–Acquisition for Companies
• SEZ—WTO Compatibility
• Offshore Banking in SEZs 
• Chinese SEZs–Torchbearers for India
• Labour Laws in SEZ
• Environment Law in SEZ
• Company Law Provisions for SEZ
• SEZ Specific FEMA Directives
• Export Promotion Schemes 
• Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme
• Export Promotion Schemes
• Guidelines for Central Assistance to States for Developing Export
  Infrastructure and other Allied Activities
• Internally Displaced due to SEZ–Internatioal Rehabilitation &
  Resettlement Policies
• National Rehabilitation & Resettlement Policy 2007
• Model State Policy on SEZ
• Model State SEZ Act
• SEZ Policy of Andhra Pradesh
• SEZ Policy of Chandigarh Administration
• SEZ Policy of goa
• SEZ Policy of Gujarat
• SEZ Policy of Haryana
• SEZ Policy of Jharkhand
• SEZ Policy of Karnataka
• SEZ Policy of Kerala
• SEZ Policy of Madhya Pradesh
• SEZ Policy of Maharashtra
• SEZ Policy of Orissa
• SEZ Policy of Punjab
• SEZ Policy of Rajasthan
• SEZ Policy of Tamil Nadu
• SEZ Policy of Uttar Pradesh
• SEz Policy of West Bengal
• Notifications & Circulars


Pranay Chaturvedi

Ankur Dalal

Judges, Lawyers, Students, SEZ Developers & Entrepreneurs, International Institutions, Banking Institutions, Researchers and NGOs

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