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The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea & Air
Author: H.K. Saharay
Edition: 2nd
Year of publication: 2013
No. of pages: 1046
ISBN: 9788171772599
Format: Hardcover
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The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea and Air, the Merchant Shipping Act, the Bill of Lading Act and their relevant international conventions have, with globalisation, assumed great importance in India expanding its import and export trade boosting up the country’s economy. The present work by a reputed author deals with the subject and solves the problems arising out of disputes in connection therewith updating the work with case-laws, foreign and Indian for use by judges and lawyers.

• Admiralty action—when to stay 
• Collision of vessels of sea—consequence of
• Bill of lading and demurrage—discussed
• Doctrine of contributory negligence—highlighted
• Maritime fraud—what is
Hague Visby Rules—focused

• Law of Merchant Shipping
• National Shipping Board
• General Administration
• Shipping Development Fund
• Registration of Indian Ships
• Certificate of Officers
• Obligations of Certain Certificate Holders to Serve Government or in Indian Ships
• Seaman and Apprentices
• Passenger Ships
• Safety
• Nuclear Ships
• Security of Ships and Port Facilities
• Collisions, Accidents at Sea and Liability
• Limitation of Liability
• Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage
• International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund
• Navigation
• Prevention and Containment of Pollution of the Sea by Oil
• Investigation and Inquiries
• Wreck and Salvage
• Control of Indian Ships and Ships Engaged in Coasting Trade 
• Sailing Vessels
• Fishing Boats
• Penalties and Procedure
• Miscellaneous 
• Repeals and Savings
• Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea
• Rules Relating to Bills of Lading
• Responsibilities and Liabilities
• Law of Bill of Lading
• Law of Carriage by Air
• Law of Carriage by Road
• Law of Multimodal Transportation of Goods
• Many Standard Forms

H.K. Saharay

MA (Triple), MCom, LLB, PhD (London), Barrister

Judges and Lawyers

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