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Forensic Evidence
Forensic Evidence
Admissibility in Criminal Justice System
Author: Pratyusha Das
Edition: 1st
Year of publication: 2019
No. of pages: 310
ISBN: 9788171773466
Format: Hardcover
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When a successful criminal investigation is not possible by the traditional method of eye-witness-oriented criminal justice system, the modern technology relating to forensic evidence helps the judiciary to convict the accused or confirm his acquittal. The advent of forensic science technologies and development of tools made great scientific breakthrough in the decision-making process of criminal cases.
Road map
The book is divided into six chapters, beginning with Introduction followed by DNA, Ballistics, Fingerprint, Toxicology & Chemical Analysis and Cyber Forensics.  INTRODUCTION provides a road map of the book while the chapter relating to DNA discusses the mechanisms used for DNA fingerprinting technique, admissibility of DNA evidence and how it helps to determine identity, paternity or maternity of a child. The chapter on BALLISTICS provides a comprehensive account of classification of firearms and their characteristics. The next chapter is FINGERPRINT which discusses adequately the classification, principle on which such evidence is based, mechanism for collection of fingerprint and Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). The chapter on TOXICOLOGY AND CHEMICAL ANALYSIS catalogues the classification of poisons, principle on which toxicology evidence is based, isolation & identification of poison and criminal cases in which toxicology evidence is used. The last chapter is CYBER FORENSICS which is the issue of the day. This chapter deals elaborately with the admissibility of electronic evidence, computer fraud, tampering with computer source code, hacking, etc. which will be very much helpful to solve the problems relating to cyber crimes.
Topics discussed
An in-depth study has been made of all the important topics relating to the subject, with the help of the pronouncements of the apex court and different High Courts and accordingly it may be treated as an useful tool for busy legal practitioners, judges and researchers as well.

• DNA profiling technique
• Determination of paternity
• Ballistic imaging analysis
• Fingerprint evidence
• Toxicology evidence
• Cyber forensics
• Daubert guidelines

Pratyusha Das

LLM, PhD Assistant Professor, Amity Law School

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