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Bhaumik on The Railways Act, 1989,
Bhaumik on The Railways Act, 1989,
Containing Allied Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Schemes, etc.
Author: H.K. Saharay
Edition: 10th
Year of publication: 2017
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ISBN: 9788171773145
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The Indian Railways Act 1890 was enacted at the time when the railways in India were mostly managed by private companies. Initially, the Government of India played primarily the role of coordinating and regulating authority in various matters such as inter-railway movement of traffic, fixation of rates, sharing of revenue earnings, etc. As the role of the Government had changed,  the Indian Railways Act 1890 came to be repealed and the Railways Act 1989 was introduced. Subsequently the Railways Act 1989 has undergone further changes in 1994, 2003, 2005 and 2008. The tenth edition of this work is now appearing incorporating all those amendments.
Maintenance of railways
Poor maintenance of railways is one of the causes for frequent accidents, so relevant provisions for regular maintenance of railways are exhaustively dealt with. Procedural aspects of inquiry, investigation and liability for railways administration relating to accidents have been discussed at length. Sickness of railways is mainly due to shortfall of fares for carriage of passengers and of goods and has been treated appropriately. Acquisition of land is now the foremost problem of the society and accordingly, a chapter on ‘Land Acquisition for Special Railways Project’  is highlighted.
Proposition to prevent offences
There are many topics relating to railways. Supreme Court of India and different High Courts have laid down propositions of law to prevent commission of offences in travelling by railways, endangering safety of passengers, entering into reserved compartments, entering carriage or other reserved place for female passengers, carrying dangerous or offensive goods on railways, etc. and those are discussed at length. Issues which are very common in the railways like—compensation for death or injury, forum for deciding claim, loss of consignment, compensation for loss of goods, delayed delivery of goods, contributory negligence, owner’s risk rate, penalty for smoking in train, res ipsa loquitur, cancellation of ticket and refund for it etc. are dealt with elaborately. The book shall be treated as a faithful companion to the bench and the bar.

Acquisition of land for railways project
Liability of railways relating to accident
Compensation for death or injury
Penalty for smoking in the train
Compensation for loss of consignment

  • Chapter I
            1    Short title and commencement                                                                          
            2    Definitions                                                                                                           
    Chapter II
    Railway Administrations
            3    Zonal Railways                                                                                                    
            4    Appointment of General Manager                                                                     
    Chapter IIA
    Rail Land Development Authority
         4A    Establishment of Railway Land Development Authority                              
         4B    Composition of Authority                                                                                   
         4C    Terms and conditions of appointment of Vice-Chairman
                  and other Members                                                                                                       
         4D    Functions of Authority                                                                                                 
         4E    Powers of Authority to enter into agreements and execute contracts                   
          4F    Procedure of transaction of business of Authority                                                   
         4G    Appointment of officers and other employees of Authority                                    
         4H    Salaries, allowances, etc. to be defrayed out of
                  Consolidated Fund of India                                                                                         
         4-I    Power of Authority to make regulations                                                                   
    Chapter III
    Commissioners of Railway Safety
            5    Appointment of Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety and
                  Commissioners of Railway Safety                                                                              
            6    Duties of Commissioner                                                                                              
            7    Powers of Commissioner                                                                                             
            8    Commissioner to be public servant                                                                            
            9    Facilities to be afforded to Commissioners                                                               
          10    Annual report of Commissioners                                                                               
    Chapter IV
    Construction and Maintenance of Works
          11    Power of Railway Administrations to execute all necessary works                      
          12    Power to alter the position of pipe, electric supply line,
                  drain or sewer, etc.                                                                                                       
          13    Protection for Government property                                                                          
          14    Temporary entry upon land to remove obstruction, to repair or
                  to prevent accident                                                                                              
          15    Payment of amount for damage or loss                                                             
          16    Accommodation works                                                                                        
          17    Power of owner, occupier, State Government or local authority to
                  cause additional accommodation works to be made                                        
          18    Fences, gates and bars                                                                                         
          19    Overbridges and underbridges                                                                           
          20    Power of Central Government to give directions for safety                          
    Chapter IV-A
    Land Acquisition for a Special Railway Project
       20A    Power to acquire land etc.                                                                                  
       20B    Power to enter for survey, etc.                                                                           
       20C    Evaluation of damages during survey, measurement, etc.                            
       20D    Hearing of objections, etc.                                                                                  
       20E    Declaration of acquisition                                                                                  
        20F    Determination of amount payable as compensation                                       
       20G    Criterion for determination of market value of land                                     
       20H    Deposit and payment of amount                                                                        
       20-I    Power to take possession                                                                                    
        20J    Right to enter into land where land has vested
                  in Central Government                                                                                      
       20K    Competent authority to have certain powers of civil court                            
        20L    Utilization of land for the purpose it is acquired                                            
       20M    Sharing with landowners the difference in price of a land when
                  transferred for a higher consideration                                                             
       20N    Land Acquisition Act 1 of 1894 not to apply                                                     
      20-O    Application of the National Rehabilitation and Resettlement
                  Policy, 2007 to persons affected due to land acquisition                                 
        20P    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this chapter                            
    Chapter V
    Opening of Railways
          21    Sanction of the Central Government to the opening of railway                   
          22    Formalities to be complied with before giving sanction
                  to the opening of a railway                                                                                 
          23    Sections 21 and 22 to apply to the opening of certain works                         
          24    Temporary suspension of traffic                                                                        
          25    Power to close railway opened for the public carriage of passengers           
          26    Reopening of closed railway                                                                              
          27    Use of rolling stock                                                                                             
          28    Delegation of powers                                                                                          
          29    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                           
    Chapter VI
    Fixation of Rates
          30    Power to fix rates                                                                                                 
          31    Power to classify commodities or alter rates                                                   
          32    Power of railway administration to charge certain rates                               
    Chapter VII
    Railway Rates Tribunal
          33    Constitution of the Railway Rates Tribunal                                                    
          34    Staff of the Tribunal                                                                                            
          35    Sittings of the Tribunal                                                                                      
          36    Complaints against a railway administration                                                 
          37    Matters not within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal                                        
          38    Powers of the Tribunal                                                                                       
          39    Reference to the Tribunal                                                                                  
          40    Assistance by the Central Government                                                            
          41    Burden of proof, etc.                                                                                            
          42    Decision, etc., of the Tribunal                                                                            
          43    Bar of jurisdiction of courts                                                                                
          44    Reliefs which the Tribunal may grant                                                              
          45    Revision of decisions given by the Tribunal                                                    
          46    Execution of decisions or orders of the Tribunal                                            
          47    Report of the Central Government                                                                   
          48    Power of the Tribunal to make regulations                                                     
    Chapter VIII
    Carriage of Passengers
          49    Exhibition of certain timings and tables of fares at stations                         
          50    Supply of tickets on payment of fare                                                                 
          51    Provision for case in which ticket is issued for class or train not
                  having accommodation for additional passengers                                           
          52    Cancellation of ticket and refund                                                                      
          53    Prohibition against transfer of certain tickets                                                
          54    Exhibition and surrender of passes and tickets                                               
          55    Prohibition against travelling without pass or ticket                                     
          56    Power to refuse to carry persons suffering from infectious or
                  contagious diseases                                                                                             
          57    Maximum number of passengers for each compartment                                
          58    Earmarking of compartment, etc., for ladies                                                   
          59    Communications between passengers and
                  railway servant in charge of train                                                                     
          60    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                           
    Chapter IX
    Carriage of Goods
          61    Maintenance of rate-books, etc., for carriage of goods                                    
          62    Conditions for receiving, etc., of goods                                                             
          63    Provision of risk rates                                                                                         
          64    Forwarding note                                                                                                  
          65    Railway receipt                                                                                                    
          66    Power to require statement relating to the description of goods                  
          67    Carriage of dangerous or offensive goods                                                        
              68      Carriage of animals suffering from infectious or contagious diseases                                               
          69    Deviation of route                                                                                               
          70    Prohibition of undue preference                                                                       
          71    Power to give direction in regard to carriage of certain goods                      
          72    Maximum carrying capacity for wagons and trucks                                        
          73    Punitive charge for overloading a wagon                                                         
          74    Passing of property in the goods covered by railway receipt                         
          75    Section 74 not to affect right of stoppage in transit
                  or claims for freight                                                                                            
          76    Surrender of railway receipt                                                                              
          77    Power of railway administration to deliver goods or sale
                  proceeds thereof in certain cases                                                                       
          78    Power to measure, weigh, etc.                                                                           
          79    Weighment of consignment on request of the consignee or endorsee         
          80    Liability of railway administration for wrong delivery                                 
          81    Open delivery of consignments                                                                         
          82    Partial delivery of consignments                                                                       
          83    Lien for freight or any other sum due                                                              
          84    Unclaimed consignment                                                                                     
          85    Disposal of perishable consignments in certain circumstances                    
          86    Sales under sections 83 to 85 not to affect the right to suit                           
          87    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                           
    Chapter X
    Special Provisions as to Goods Booked to Notified Stations
          88    Definitions                                                                                                           
          89    Power to declare notified stations                                                                     
          90    Disposal of unremoved goods at notified stations                                           
          91    Price to be paid to person entitled after deducting dues                                 
          92    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                           
    Chapter XI
    Responsibilities of Railway Administrations as Carriers
          93    General responsibility of a railway administration
                  as carrier of goods                                                                                                
          94    Goods to be loaded or delivered at a siding not
                  belonging to a railway administration                                                             
          95    Delay or detention in transit                                                                             
          96    Traffic passing over railways in India and
                  railways in foreign countries                                                                             
          97    Goods carried at owner’s risk rate                                                                     
          98    Goods in defective condition or defectively packed                                        
          99    Responsibility of a railway administration
                  after termination of transit                                                                                
        100    Responsibility as carrier of luggage                                                                           
        101    Responsibility as a carrier of animals                                                                       
        102    Exoneration from liability in certain cases                                                              
        103    Extent of monetary liability in respect of any consignment                                   
        104    Extent of liability in respect of goods carried in open wagon                                 
        105    Right of railway administration to check contents of
                  certain consignment or luggage                                                                                 
        106    Notice of claim for compensation and refund of overcharge                                  
        107    Applications for compensation for loss, etc., of goods                                              
        108    Person entitled to claim compensation                                                                      
        109    Railway administration against which application for
                  compensation for personal injury is to be filed                                                        
        110    Burden of proof                                                                                                             
        111    Extent of liability of railway administration in
                  respect of accidents at sea                                                                                            
        112    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                                    
    Chapter XII
        113    Notice of railway accident                                                                                           
        114    Inquiry by Commissioner                                                                                            
        115    Inquiry by railway administration                                                                             
        116    Powers of Commissioner in relation to inquiries                                                    
        117    Statement made before Commissioner                                                                      
        118    Procedure, etc.                                                                                                               
        119    No inquiry, investigation, etc., to be made if the Commission of
                  Inquiry is appointed                                                                                                     
        120    Inquiry into accident not covered by section 113                                                     
        121    Returns                                                                                                                          
        122    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                           
    Chapter XIII
    Liability of Railway Administration for Death and
    Injury to Passengers due to Accidents
        123    Definitions                                                                                                           
        124    Extent of liability                                                                                                
    124A    Compensation on account of untoward incident                                             
        125    Application for compensation                                                                            
        126    Interim relief by railway administration                                                                  
        127    Determination of compensation in respect of any injury
                  or loss of goods                                                                                                              
        128    Saving as to certain rights                                                                                           
        129    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                                    
    Chapter XIV
    Regulation of Hours of Work and Period of Rest
        130    Definitions                                                                                                                    
        131    Chapter not to apply to certain railway servants                                                     
        132    Limitation of hours of work                                                                                        
        133    Grant of periodical rest                                                                                                
        134    Railway servant to remain on duty                                                                            
        135    Supervisors of railway labour                                                                                     
        136    Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Chapter                                    
    Chapter XV
    Penalties and Offences
        137    Fraudulently travelling or attempting to travel without
                  proper pass or ticket                                                                                                     
        138    Levy of excess charge and fare for travelling without
                  proper pass or ticket or beyond authorised distance                                                
        139    Power to remove persons                                                                                             
        140    Security for good behaviour in certain cases                                                            
        141    Needlessly interfering with means of communication in a train                          
        142    Penalty for transfer of tickets                                                                                     
        143    Penalty for unauthorised carrying on of business of proceeding
                  and supplying of railway tickets                                                                                 
        144    Prohibition on hawking, etc., and begging                                                                
        145    Drunkenness or nuisance                                                                                           
        146    Obstructing railway servant in his duties                                                                 
        147    Trespass and refusal to desist from trespass                                                             
        148    Penalty for making a false statement in an
                  application for compensation                                                                                      
        149    Making a false claim for compensation                                                                     
        150    Maliciously wrecking or attempting to wreck a train                                             
        151    Damage to or destruction of certain railway properties                                          
        152    Maliciously hurting or attempting to hurt persons
                  travelling by railway                                                                                                    
        153    Endangering safety of persons travelling by railway by
                  wilful act or omission                                                                                                  
        154    Endangering safety of persons travelling by railway by
                  rash or negligent act or omission                                                                               
        155    Entering into a compartment reserved or resisting entry into a
                  compartment not reserved                                                                                           
        156    Travelling on roof, step or engine of a train                                                             
        157    Altering or defacing pass or ticket                                                                             
        158    Penalty for contravention of any of the provisions of Chapter XIV                       
        159    Disobedience of drivers or conductors of vehicles to directions
                  of railway servant, etc.                                                                                                 
        160    Opening or breaking a level crossing gate                                                                
        161    Negligently crossing unmanned level crossing                                                        
        162    Entering carriage or other place reserved for females                                            
        163    Giving false account of goods                                                                                      
        164    Unlawfully bringing dangerous goods on a railway                                                
        165    Unlawfully bringing offensive goods on a railway                                                  
        166    Defacing public notices                                                                                                
        167    Smoking                                                                                                                         
        168    Provision with respect to commission of offence by the children
                  of acts endangering safety of person travelling on railway                                    
        169    Levy of penalty on non-Government railway                                                           
        170    Recovery of penalty                                                                                                      
        171    Section 169 or 170 not to preclude Central Government from
                  taking any other action                                                                                                
        172    Penalty for intoxication                                                                                               
        173    Abandoning train, etc., without authority                                                                 
        174    Obstructing running of train, etc.                                                                              
        175    Endangering the safety of persons                                                                             
        176    Obstructing level crossing                                                                                           
        177    False returns                                                                                                                 
        178    Making a false report by a railway servant                                                               
        179    Arrest for offences under certain sections                                                                
        180    Arrest of persons likely to abscond, etc.                                                                    
    180A    Inquiry by officer authorised to ascertain commission of offence                         
    180B    Powers of officer authorised to inquire                                                                     
    180C    Disposal of persons arrested                                                                                       
    180D    Inquiry how to be made against arrested person                                                     
    180E    Search, seizure and arrest how to be made                                                               
      180F    Cognizance by Court on a complaint made by officer authorised                          
    180G    Punishment for certain offences in relation to inquiry                                          
        181    Magistrate having jurisdiction under the Act                                                           
        182    Place of trial                                                                                                                  
    Chapter XVI
        183    Power to provide other transport services                                                                 
        184    Taxation on railways by local authorities                                                                 
        185    Taxation on railways for advertisement                                                                    
        186    Protection of action taken in good faith                                                                    
        187    Restriction on execution against railway property                                                  
        188    Railway servants to be public servants for the purposes of
                  Chapter IX and section 409 of the Indian Penal Code                                             
        189    Railway servants not to engage in trade                                                                   
        190    Procedure for delivery to railway administration of property
                  detained by a railway servant                                                                                     
        191    Proof of entries in records and documents                                                                
        192    Service of notice, etc., on railway administration                                                    
        193    Service of notice, etc., by railway administration                                                    
        194    Presumption where notice is served by post                                                             
        195    Representation of railway administration                                                                
        196    Power to exempt railway from Act                                                                             
        197    Matters supplemental to the definitions of “railway”
                  and “railway servant”                                                                                                   
        198    General power to make rules                                                                                     
        199    Rules to be laid before Parliament                                                                             
        200    Repeal and saving                                                                                                         
            1    The Railway Claims Tribunal Act, 1987                                                                    
            2    The Railway Claims Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1989                                          
            3    The Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966                                          
            4    The Railway Protection Force Act, 1957                                                                    
            5    The Railway Protection Force Rules, 1987                                                                
            6    The Indian Railway Board Act, 1905                                                                          
            7    The Railway Accidents and Untoward Incidents
                  (Compensation) Rules, 1990                                                                                        
            8    The Railway Passengers (Manner of Investigation of Untoward
                  Incidents) Rules, 2003                                                                                                  
            9    The Railway (Notices of and Inquiries into Accidents) Rules, 1998                      
          10    The Railway Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1968                                   
          11    The Railway Services (Conduct) Rules, 1966                                                            
          12    The Railway Servants (Hours of Work and Period of Rest)
                  Rules, 2005                                                                                                           
          13    The Railways (Manner of Delivery of Consignments and
                  Sale Proceeds in the Absence of Railway Receipt) Rules, 1990                     
          14    The Railway Rates Tribunal (Procedure) Regulations, 1990                         
          15    The Railway Passengers (Cancellation of Ticket and
                  Refund of Fare) Rules, 1998                                                                               
          16    The Weighment of Consignments in Wagon-load or
                  Train-load Rules, 1990                                                                                        
          17    The Carriage of Passengers Suffering from Infectious or
                  Contagious Diseases Rules, 1990                                                                      
          18    The Disposal of Consignment Rules, 1990                                                       
          19    The Transport of Animals Rules, 1978                                                               

H.K. Saharay

MA (Triple), MCom, LLB, PhD (London), Barrister

Judges, Advocates and Faculties

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