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R.V. Kelkar's Criminal Procedure
R.V. Kelkar's Criminal Procedure
Author: K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai
Edition: 6th
Year of publication: 2014
No. of pages: 1072
ISBN: 9789351451013
Format: Paperback
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This classic work provides an interesting and lucid study of the fundamental principles of criminal procedure in a topic-wise logical sequence. The present edition has been fully updated, providing up to date amendments and recent case-law at the appropriate places.

1.  Object, Extent and Scope

2.  Constitution of Criminal Courts

3.  Police, Prosecutors, Defence Counsels Prison Authorities

4.  Pre-trial Proceedings-General Observations

5. Pre-trial Procedure: Steps to ensure an Accused's presence at the Trial

6. Pre-trial Procedure: Arrest, and the Rights of the Arrested Person

7. Pre-trial Procedure; Search, Seizure and production of Materials

8. Pre-trial Procedure: Investigation by Police

9. Local Jurisdiction of the Courts and the Police

10. Cognizance of Offences

11. Commencement of Proceedings before the Magistrates

12. Bail

13. Trial Procedures: Principal Features of Fair Trial

14. Trial Procedures: Courts and Parties

15. Trial Procedures: Charge

16. Trial Procedure: Some Common Features

17. Trial Procedures: Disposal of Criminal Cases without Full Trial

18. Trial Procedures: Preliminary Pleas to bar Trial

19. Trial Procedures: Trial Before A Court of Session

20. Trial Procedures: Trial of Warrant Cases by Magistrates

21. Trial Procedures: Trial of Summons Cases and Summary Trial

22. Trial Procedures: Special Rules of Evidence

23. Judgment

24. Review Procedures: Appeals

25. Review Procedures: Revision

26. Transfer of Cases

27. Execution, Suspension, Remission and Commutation of Sentences

28. Preventive and Precautionary Measures

29. Proceedings for Maintenance of Wives, Children and Patents

30. Miscellaneous Provisions

K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai

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