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The Law of Ultra Vires
The Law of Ultra Vires
Author: B.C. Sarma
Edition: 1st
Year of publication: 2004, Reprint 2017
No. of pages: 555
ISBN: 9788171773640
Format: Hardcover
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About the book
Frequently used in legal parlance, the term ultra vires implies the absence of capacity or power of the person to do any act. It is an important part of the literature on administrative law. It is not necessary that an act to be ultra vires must be illegal; it may or may not be so.  It had its origins in the corporate cases in England.
Design of the work
This classic work is divided into fourteen chapters: beginning with  ‘The Law of Ultra Vires—its Meaning, Origin, Development & Applicability’ and ending with ‘Consequences of Ultra Vires Action’. It deals with all the aspects of the subject systematically and exhaustively. All the important issues of administrative law and administrative procedure are included to acquaint the readers  with the various aspects of ultra vires. The latest important developments relating to the doctrine through the judicial pronouncements of the apex court and different High Courts are incorporated which escalate the quality of the work.
Within the ambit
Within the ambit of the work all the important topics relating to the subject, such as, principles of natural justice, fundamental right, delegated legislation, discretionary power, bias, legitimate expectation, non-application of mind etc. have been discussed vividly. To expand its horizon, audi alteram partem, colourable exercise of power, custodial violence, equal pay for equal work, promissory estoppel, right to privacy, right to speedy trial etc. have been incorporated.
The instant edition of the classic work will answer the problems that are faced often by the legal practitioners, jurists and companies.

• Natural justice
• Legitimate expectation
• Fundamental rights
• Promissory estoppel
• Equal pay for equal work
• Human rights
• Public Interest Litigation
• Right to privacy
• Discretionary power

B.C. Sarma


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