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J.A. Parks Principles & Practice of Valuation
J.A. Parks Principles & Practice of Valuation
Author: D.N. Banerjee
Edition: 6th
Year of publication: 2015
No. of pages: 975
ISBN: 9788171772940
Format: Hardcover
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An outstanding work of a celebrated author is now appearing in its Sixth Edition, covering entire gamut of the science and art of valuation. This new edition is thoroughly revised, updated and enlarged by incorporating a new chapter on Market Value. A large number of judicial pronouncements and more than hundred illustrative examples are incorporated to make the work utility-oriented. Mathematical examples, sketches and diagrams projecting new thoughts add to attraction of this work.

• Fair market value
• Benefit approach to valuation
• Belting method of valuation
• Plant and machinery
• Real estate market
• Sales comparison method
• Year’s purchase


• Concepts & Theories of Value
• Value, Price and Cost
• Value Considerations in Variety of Property
• Methodology of Valuation
• Market and Real Estate Market
• Market Value
• Market Approach and Sales Comparison Method
• Rental Method of Valuation
• Rent and Ground Rent
• Rent of different types
•Income Approach to Valuation
• Security
• Land and Building Method of Valuation 
• Land Characteristics 
• Building and Estates
• Cost Approach to Valuatio
• Benefit Approach to Valuation
• Valuation of Leasehold Interests
• Valuation of Easements
• Valuation of Land and Building Subject to Restrictions
• Valuation of Assets—other than Real Estate
• Valuation of Different Fiscal Purposes 
• Valuation for other Statutory and Non-Fiscal Purposes
• Non-Money Economy and Valuation
• The Construction & Application and Use of Life Tables 

D.N. Banerjee

Former Chairman, Central Valuation Board, West Bengal Visiting Professor, Centre for Valuation Studies, Sardar Patel University, Gujarat

Judges, Lawyers, Valuers & Students

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