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Gender equality rests on eco parity, says SC [Reported in Times of India (Kolkata) 10th Feb 2016]
Women Must Get Boost In Jobs: Court The Constitutional right to gender equality still remains a dream and women continue to face various kinds of discrimination which can be removed only with economic empowerment, the Supreme Court has said while batting for government policy to give preferential treatment to women in public services. “Women in this world,...
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Rape violates right to life, says HC [Reported in Times of India (kolkata) 23rd Dec 2015]
Rape violates the fundamental right to life of a woman and inadequate punishment shakes society's conscience, the Bombay high court ruled on Tuesday . Citing the case of Aruna Shanbaug, where her alleged rapist got off lightly , Justice Sadhna Jadhav sent a Kalyan youth, who had served five years in jail for raping an HIV-positive minor, back to jail for five years...
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